Jean Marin

8 R du Tir,
68500, Wuenheim

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  • Jean-Louis Marin@JeanLouisMarin
  • Jean-Louis Marin is veteran in IT, with 20+ years of executive experience in Tech & IT. ~ I like to BLOG about Techology. Send me your stuff for review! ~ JLM
  • bexxyd@bexxyd
  • Middle aged Jeans freak; marinated in Chablis and effervescent with good humour. Social media, Spin & hot yoga addict. Tweet me nice. Tweet me good.
  • Jean Marin@JeanMarin_
  • French-speaking swiss dude. I often compliment myself. I sometimes make music too : After We Jump & Maniitoba
  • Ashley Re'na@ASHLEY__ThatsME
  • ATL. Senior @ VSU. Political Science Major. Blessed. #Aquarius #TeamCreative #CreativeMedia ... [ @Jean_the_Marine ] ThatsME.

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