Carole Colin

46 Cours Tolstoi,
69100, Villeurbanne

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Profils Twitter

  • Carol Fenton@cfpdx
  • Using social media to build a network of rights-based activists - CFPDX on FB and Pinterest
  • Carol Malouf@carolmalouf
  • Journalist. Entrepreneur. Political Communication Consultant. Lecturer in Middle East Politics. @leb4refugees
  • Colin Cowie@colincowie
  • Lives large, loves life and works as a Celebrity Event Planner, Producer and Designer, Author, TV Host and Ambassador of Style.
  • Colin J Morris@ColinJM
  • Records, Writes, Mixes, Edits, Remixes. Can be found plucking various instruments w/Carol Keogh, Miriam Ingram, Valerie Francis, Nick Kelly.
  • Colin Young@SportBrandinc
  • Sponsorship agency for Volleyball Canada, Drink RE7, Agency of Ryan Cochrane, Paula Findlay, Denny Morrison, Carol Huynh, Michelle Stilwell, Joanna Brown & more

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