Alain Chambert

2 Allee Henri Dessert,
42100, St Etienne

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  • ALAN W CHAMBERS@AlanWChambers
  • Polar Adventurer & Expedition Leader Keynote Motivational & Leadership Speaker Author of Keep Walking Lessons in Leadership Co-founder of Extreme Classrooms
  • Alan Chambers@alcham49
  • Independent politician based in North Down. Believe a touch of humour can ease the most difficult of situations. Life long Glentoran supporter with the scars.
  • Alan Chambers@medrx167
  • Work at #hospital #pharmacy in #OperatingRooms. #Celtic #Pagan Hobbies: #comics, reading, movies, DVDs, torrents, shopping, #OWS, #French #LGBT #F4F
  • Alan Chambers@alan_chambers
  • IBM S/W techie - interested in technology, gadgets plus Java, Virtualisation, App Servers, and photography, music...
  • Alan Chambers@AlanSChambers
  • short sale definition, architect, solar, real estate investment, affirmations, financial freedom, debt free, frugal living
  • Alan Chambers@chammies
  • District Councillor and Portfolio Holder for Housing at BDC, Retail Manager at Hope Community Services, Husband, Father, my views, so get your own!
  • Alan Chambers@Chambers_a_m
  • The man the myth the moustache and beyond that completely clueless of what to do post graduating from ASU with a BA in history

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