Aimé Surrel

15 Place Chavanelle,
42000, St Etienne

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  • Adam Gee@SurrealThing
  • Fish (incl. interactive media/TV commissioner, lover of Simple Pleasures) [this is personal, not a C4 thing]
  • SurrealSoRealTheatre@SurrealTheatre
  • In our twitchy urban confines and mass communication, every day life has become more like a waking dream. Surreal SoReal aims to address this world.
  • Jonathan Simeone@LB_Surreal
  • All the labels wanna sign me for the right reason, we aim to please huntin dollas and its buck season ~ #RattPack #PackJedi Snapchat: heyyitsjon
  • Thomas Attila Lewis@tomdog
  • Not subordinate. Comedian, caustic, surreal. Producer of @DumbFriendsCast & ChannelZero podcasts. I love baseball.
  • Dean Putney@deanputney
  • I'm the Johnny Appleseed of weird awesomeness. Formerly @mustardhamsters. Also try mustardhamsters on AIM, Reddit and at Gmail.
  • sianpierre@sianpierre
  • Founder @SwaggerNewYork. On-TV at HLN, Entertainment/Pop-Culture Guy. Celeb Expert @ About. Aiming to be @ryanseacrest 2.0. http:// ow.ly/gQptW  
  • visceral@visceralve
  • taking aim at a sound that describes the whole of our surreal experiences. Visit us on our web: http:// visceralbanda.webs.com  
  • Andrea Vezzoni@Andrea_Vezzoni
  • In my paintings I aim to convey simple perceptions capturing fleeting moments of clarity using a blend of modern impressionism with a tinge of surrealism
  • BBCWorldBiz@BBCWorldBiz
  • Latest global business news and issues. Official account aimed a global audience. For UK business news follow @BBCBusiness.

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