Andrew Robertson

27 Rue Violet,
75015, Paris

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Profils Twitter

  • Andy Robertson@GeekDadGamer
  • Freelance games expert on BBC, @Forbes, @Guardian, @WiredUK and run @AskAboutGames and @FamilyGamerTV. TEDx allumni.
  • andy robertson.@VLR
  • you linger on, a feeling, that you can't quite put your finger on. Celtic. snapchat: mjmcg92
  • andrew robertson@robertsione
  • Creative Director of STV making TV shows & Multiplatform stuff. Partick Thistle fan living in Glasgow but pines to live in NYC.
  • Sandy Andy Robertson@DirtyBeachTV
  • As a political activist running for UK election I build sand sculptures and enjoy trying to hack robots for online gaming. I love making music. #TheBeachParty.

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