Bigot Guy

10 Rue Frederic Peysson,
34000, Montpellier

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Profils Twitter

  • This Guy Allen@allenochi
  • I'm the guy that starts walking away as you're giving me directions. Proudly bigoted. |Fun| IN WENGER WE DON'T TRUST
  • Maya S@balamy
  • Love people. Not sickular but not bigoted either. RTs are plenty but not necessarily endorsements.
  • Abiyomi Kofi@TheAngryindian
  • Gullah expat; Indigenista; AntiFa; 4RW host; APNS Journo & ANG ed-General. RT's R not = 2 praise. Invective-mouthed dolts & bigoted bastards shall be banished.
  • Rick Again@Rickagain
  • Hiding in the basement. There's some guy at the door trying to sell us Amway Products. Shhh! (Please, No Bigots)

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