Bridge Club des 4 as

4 Rue Barbier,
72000, Le Mans

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  • Forum des images@forumdesimages
  • Cycles de films, rencontres, masters class, festivals, activits pour les enfants, livetweets, bons plans... suivez l'actualit du Forum des images en direct !
  • Brent N. Hunter@brentnhunter
  • Building a bridge from war to peace, from the present to our common future, for the benefit of all world citizens... one person at a time. Come join us!
  • Tom Mendoza@TomMendozaTalks
  • Vice Chairman @NetApp. Speak globally on culture & leadership. Love life in NYC, history, football, Notre Dame, storage & sales. Been described as a raconteur.
  • Kraig Kann@KraigKann
  • Leading Communications/Media for @LPGA after 25 years on TV. Speaking, Blogging, Sharing, Always Learning. Husband to 1, Dad to 3, Fanatic 4 MIZ-ZOU!
  • Claudia Dreifus@Claudiadreifus
  • I write 4 ScienceTimes/NYTimes and teach @Columbia U. Am Fellow at World Policy Inst., write books, walk the dog. My last book: Higher Education?

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