Christophe Gauger

12 Rue Jules Masurier,
76600, Le Havre

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  • Christopher Price@cpriceNFL
  • Internet courage is like a cover-2 corner. You got a safety over the top & you feel better. You got 1-on-1 coverage, you back off a bit. --Steve Smith
  • Christopher Vecchio@CVecchioFX
  • Currency Analyst http:// DailyFX.com   Risk Disclaimer http://www. dailyfx.com/page/risk_warn ing.html   ? Bio http://www. dailyfx.com/authors/bio/Ch ristopher_Vecchio   ? Level II CFA Candidate
  • Christopher@atomicpoet
  • Poet, photographer, harp player, and boxing enthusiast. Sometimes I throw in an opinion here and there.
  • Christopher Snowdon@cjsnowdon
  • Seditious scribe. Fighting for your right to party. Writes about Lifestyle Economics for the IEA. Tweeting in a personal capacity.

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