Annie Re

7 Rue Genissieu,
38000, Grenoble

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  • Henley Women's@henley_womens
  • Henley Women's Regatta - 20th - 22nd June 2014. Tweets by ^Caren, and ^Anne. We're on Facebook at http://www. facebook.com/HenleyWomensRe gatta   ?
  • Ann Marie@AnnieRe
  • GOOGLE-best damn thing on the internet!Working hard to rid the world of arrogance.Nah,impossible! I can write about it though
  • Caomhan Keane@CaomhanKeane
  • is full of piss and vinegar, the condiments of life. If like Annie you're never fully dressed without a smile, then he'll be naked the live long day
  • Annie Night♫@NiallsSwaggieA
  • Annie,14? we're no? ?an?,we're ?el?e?er?. we're no? o??e??ed,we're ded?ca?ed. we're no? ?r?end?,we're a ?a??ly.Y?? O??? L??? O???????????? @ddlovato Arianator

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