Michel Zimmerlé

24 Rue des Mésanges,
68390, Battenheim

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  • Michael Zimmer@michaelzimmer
  • Faculty at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Information Studies (@uwmsois) and director of Center for Information Policy Research (@uwmcipr)
  • Michael Zimmer@MZimmer557
  • Husband and Father. Tech Enthusiast, Curriculum & Assessment Coord. at a HS in KY. Taught Social Studies. Volleyball Coach, Avid Golfer. Weather Enthusiast.
  • Michael Zimmer@MikeZimmer
  • SPARC + SOLARIS + ORACLE DB + Lstereien ber Alltagsthemen + was mir sonst noch mitteilungsbedrftig erscheint
  • Michael Zimmer@michaeljzimmer
  • Reiki Master, Shamanic Apprentice, Peer-to-Peer Economy Professional. 860-919-3676 mikezimmer.gplus@gmail.com. I only follow real people and track unfollows.

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